Nirvana Was Kicked Out Of Their Record Release Party Almost 3 Decades Ago!


Time flies!

Can you believe it's been 29 years since we heard "Nevermind" for the first time?! This was the album that made a generational shift in music and rocketed Nirvana into the mainstream music scene.

The band celebrated "Nevermind" on September 13th, 1991 at Re-bar in Seattle. This was 11 days prior to the album's official release which was on September 24th. The celebrations were then re-located after Cobain, Novoselic and Grohl got kicked out of the venue for starting a food fight.

As things quickly kicked off, they were then kicked out.

The invitation read:

"Nevermind Triskaidekaphobia, Here’s Nirvana. On Friday the 13th, join Nirvana and DGC Records for a release party in honor of Nirvana’s DGC debut album Nevermind. Edible food, drinks, prizes you might want to take home, a few surprises, people to meet, the band to greet… But nevermind all that, the important part is the music. Hear Nevermind in its entirety and loud.”

I would have loved to been invited to this party! Anyone else?

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