Which NFL Fans Drink the Most Alcohol?

Fans of the Las Vegas Raiders drink the most alcohol

You don't need to conduct a survey to figure that out - but someone did

From MercuryNews

Raiders and Saints fans average 4.5 — one more than the league average according to alcohol.org. Indianapolis checked in last place at 2.0 drinks.

Average Drinks in 1 Sitting (Non-Game Day)

On off days, Raiders fans slow down to 4.0. Several fan bases averaged the league low of 2.5.

Alcohol.org went so far as to document what kinds of drinks team bases favor. Nineteen of 32 teams responded local craft beer (including the 49ers Faithful, who apparently have come a long way since offensive lineman Randy Cross blasted them as a “white-wine sipping crowd” that looked like “cardboard dummies up there.”

Tampa Bay, New England, Indianapolis and Dallas prefer cocktails. Atlanta fans go for straight liquor.

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