Please Help Our Friend Tobi

Alt 98.7's Tobi Lynn needs your help.

Our long time 'Close to Home" and "Sunday School" host is facing cancer for the 2nd time and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help her with her medical bills. With a full understanding of how 2020 has been rough (especially financially) for everyone, we wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. It's the least we could for Tobi

You know when you are at show or a party and don't really know anyone? It's an incredibly lonely and awkward feeling. You desperately search the room for a familiar face that won't make you feel stupid for being there. My first year in LA was full of these moments...unless Tobi was at the show. I can't tell you what her kindness, acceptance and friendship meant to me at that time - and continues to mean to me today. She's the person you can count on to brighten any room.

OH!! and she's my birthday buddy. Shout out to August 30th

Professionally, I've never met a greater champion for new music and up & coming artists. She has made it her mission to discover great artists and help get that art to as many people as possible. And there aren't many people on this planet that do it better. If you are an up and coming band and you're looking for a fair shake and a friendly ear - that's Tobi.

Additionally, she doesn't do this because she has a fancy job title or gets paid a ton of money. Tobi does this because she loves it. Supporting this music and these musicians is what she was born to do and we want to help her continue to do it for the next couple of decades.

With that in mind - if there's anything you can spare to help her out right now. She could use it - and we would appreciate it.

With total understanding that times are tight for many right now - we wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.


From Tobi's GOFundMe

Boobs. They’re great until they turn on you.

Tobi has always expressed her love for her boobs, but those perky bastards are, once again, trying to f*ck up her life.

Tobi’s first run in with breast cancer was in 2016. After twelve months of chemo, radiotherapy and surgery in Indianapolis, Tobi headed back out to LA in search of her new normal. Things were looking up!

And then the complete clusterf*ck known as 2020 arrived. As if this year hasn’t been terrible on everyone already, Tobi found out a few weeks ago that her breast cancer has metastasized to her lung, hip bones and spine.

This aggressive stage IV cancer, known as triple positive metastatic breast cancer, is, unfortunately, less treatable. Do not consult Dr. Google on this lest you find yourself down a very confusing and conflicting rabbit hole of info.

Tobi will be receiving treatment for her breast cancer in LA from her oncologists at Cedars Sinai in the form of chemo and immunotherapy. This will not be cute, and this will not be an easy journey.

People often ask what they can do to help a sister out in these scary times. In order for Tobi to focus on her treatment and stress less about finding a full-time job, I’d love to encourage you to help her in the way that makes her feel the most uncomfortable - by pulling out your wallet and donating anything you can to help her find her NEW new normal. Money raised will be used to cover living expenses during treatment, medical treatments and medical bills.

We love you, Tobi, and your killer (bastard) boobs.

PS: if you're more the venmo-ing type, you can send any amount to her directly @tobitalks

PPS: if you're wondering how she's feeling during treatment, it's probably a fair time to use the phrase "she's shook." Tobes will post updates here and try to keep up with calls and texts when she's feeling up for it.

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