American Horror Story Murder House Owners Says It Really Is Haunted!

photocredit: gettyimages

In the mood for a real scare? Listen to this!

The owner of "Murder House" from American Horror Story is now opening her home for Halloween and claims that the house truly is haunted! Angela Oakenfold and her husband Dr. Ernst von Schwarz call "Rosenheim Mansion" home since 2015 which marks a few years after it debuted on American Horror Story. Angela stated that there has been encounters with paranormal activity and fans of the show have even tried to break in and hold rituals on the grounds.

On Halloween, they will open their home for the first time to allow people to explore the mansion and a few lucky people will even be able to sleep in the basement of the home! It will be live-streamed throughout the weekend and you'll be able to view different cameras through the home.

Would you ever spend the night in a haunted house? For more info, click here.

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