The Woody Show Rent Relief - We're Paying Your Rent or Mortgage For a Month

The Woody Show wants to help you pay your rent or mortgage!

Starting Monday, November 2nd , every weekday morning, make sure you’re listening and paying attention to what’s happening on the show from 7AM-7:45AM. Then, at 7:50am, when you hear the solicit, be caller 98 to877-44-WOODYand answer the trivia question (based on the content from 7AM-7:45AM) for your chance to have your rent or mortgage paid (up to $3,000).

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL – on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, each winner will get the chance to HOOK UP A HOMIE with the same amount of rent/mortgage money! Make sure to get your homie’s approval to have us call them, in advance, if you are trying to win on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your homie cannot reside in the same household.

Winners will be required to submit current proof of their monthly rental or mortgage bill in order to be paid the specified amount (up to $3,000).

Click HERE for official rules.

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