Man's Fiancée Wanted Tattoo Of Her Ex's Name Before Their Wedding!

photocredit: gettyimages

What would you do in this situation?!

This man just explained that when his fiancé's ex boyfriend passed away last month, she was extremely devastated. Her and her ex were part of the same friend group and remained friends even after breaking up. The newly engaged couple met through work and after the death of her ex, she wanted to get a tattoo to remember him by.

He stated "She took a few days away from me after she heard the news because she couldn't stop crying and said she wanted time alone to process what happened and sort out her emotions that were in a mess. She was talking to me and told me that she was planning on getting a tattoo on her wrist with his first name. On her left wrist."

The conversation then turned into an argument and he told her that he would postpone the wedding if she decided to get a tattoo.

and he told her he would be postponing the wedding if she gets the tattoo.

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