Here's The Most Popular Christmas Treats In Every State

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Let's see how your favorite holiday sweet treats stack up against other states.

The site Zippia conducted a cross-country survey of each state's most popular Christmas goodies.

Check out the list below:

Alabama: Red velvet cake

Alaska: M&Ms

Arizona: Hot chocolate

Arkansas: Cheesecake

California: Peppermint chocolate chip cookies

Colorado: Gingerbread cake

Connecticut: Cheesecake

Delaware: Chocolate chip cookies

Florida: Cheesecake

Georgia: Red velvet pound cake

Hawaii: Oreo cheesecake

Idaho: Candy canes

Illinois: Chocolate Santas

Indiana: Pudding

Iowa: Oreo balls

Kansas: Cinnamon rolls

Kentucky: Pudding

Louisiana: Pudding

Maine: Chocolate truffles

Maryland: Gingerbread cake

Massachusetts: Christmas trifle

Michigan: Cheesecake

Minnesota: Peppermint kiss cookies

Mississippi: Red velvet cake

Missouri: Vegan Christmas cookies

Montana: Yule log cake

Nebraska: York Peppermint Patties

Nevada: Cheesecake

New Hampshire: Gingerbread men

New Jersey: Chocolate Santas

New Mexico: Cheesecake

New York: Cheesecake

North Carolina: Fruitcake

North Dakota: Peanut butter blossoms

Ohio: Cheesecake

Oklahoma: Cheesecake

Oregon: Peppermint bark

Pennsylvania: Gingerbread cheesecake

Rhode Island: Christmas trifle

South Carolina: Fruitcake

South Dakota: Sugar cookies

Tennessee: Pudding

Texas: Peppermint chocolate chip cookies

Utah: Jolly Ranchers

Vermont: Chocolate chip cookies

Virginia: Gingerbread men

Washington: Skittles

West Virginia: Fudge

Wisconsin: Andes Peppermints

Wyoming: Eggnog

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