Parents That Had Babies in 2020 May Qualify for Extra $1,100 Stimulus Money

Credit: Getty Images

If you had a baby in 2020, you may qualify for an extra $1,100 in stimulus payments.

According to KTLA 5, "Children born between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31,2020 qualify for both stimulus payments if their parents meet income limits; it would work out to $500 from the first round and $600 from the second round."

If you haven't received the dependent stimulus cash, you have to file a tax return and get the money as a recovery rebate credit that the IRS owes you.

Also from KTLA 5, "The reason why some stimulus check recipients may have missed out on the extra cash is that the Treasury and IRS used 2019 tax returns to calculate the automatic payments, which would not have included babies born in 2020."

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