You Can Get Paid $30 An Hour To Eat Candy & Judge How Good It Tastes!

photocredit: gettyimages

If your ideal job is getting paid to sit and eat candy, you are in luck!

This company is hiring part-time and full-time Candyologists, otherwise known as Candy and Chocolate Taste Testers to help the company try out and narrow down which candies will be apart of the first-ever Candy FunHouse branded candy line. It will feature 10 candies, but the hundreds of options need to be narrowed down.

When you are testing the products, they are asking you consider aspects of taste, texture and quality. Then you'll have to write a two-sentence description for each product tested. For full-time testers, you'll get paid $30 an hour and for part time, you'll get $26 an hour.

Would you ever consider this?!

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