Arlo Parks Guest Hosts "She is the Voice" Here is What You Missed

On Fridays episode of She Is The Voice, our guest Co-Host was ArloParks, whose debut album “Collapsed in Sunbeams” was released on January 29th and whose songs have been played in the last couple of episodes of She Is The Voice. Arlo joined Lisa Worden and discussed everything from her musical influences, her favorite song from her debut album, and gave her best advice to any upcoming musicians in the industry.

Arlo Parks is inspired by an eclectic mix of artists from Radiohead to Portishead to Erykah Badu. Here’s what Arlo had to say about how her internal drive to find new things along with YouTube helped find her influences.

In “Collapsed in Sunbeams”Arlo Parks explores so many different emotions in a beautiful way, On this episode of She Is The Voice, we played Arlo Parks’ “Eugene” which she says is about the boundaries between friendship and romance blurring, describing it as an honest warm portrayal of friendship in all its different forms. When asked what her favorite song off of her album is, here’s what she says:

Here’s the advice that Arlo has for younger artists trying to get into the industry:

When asked about who she’d like to collaborate with, she says she’s ready to collaborate with as many people as possible, here’s a few names:

Check out the playlist below, and check out our She Is The Voice podcast to hear the entire conversation.

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