This McDonald's Item Is Selling For $500 On Ebay!

photocredit: gettyimages

If you were able to grab some Pokemon cards that came apart of McDonald's Happy Meals, you are in luck, well you might be!

When the Pokémon collaboration was launched in February, professional collectors descended on McDonald's restaurants to scoop them up. which resulted in shortages of the toys days later.

The booster card packs and individual cards started popping up for resale on Ebay and some have been sold for hundreds of dollars. Since the toys have a limited- time run at McDonald's, fans are willing to pay some serious cash for toys that normally come for free! McDonald's Pikachu just sold for $500 on Ebay, while entire cases of the cards can be bought for over $1,000.

For more info, click here. How much would you spend?!

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