Boyfriend Sent Girlfriend Spreadsheet Of Costs From Romantic Outing!

This woman was left stunned after her boyfriend sent a spreadsheet of everything that she owed him for their first romantic getaway together.

She explained that since her and her boyfriend made it official, she insisted on always paying half on dates. When they decided to go on their first weekend away together, red flags began to show.

When the trip approached, her boyfriend became a little hesitant. When they were planning the weekend together, he then sent her a message breaking down the complete cost of the weekend so he could book an Airbnb, transport tickets and tickets to the tourist attractions. The spreadsheet had their names on it, with every cent that she would owe.

She thought it was weird he would do something like this, she doesn't mind splitting it, but thought it was weird for their first romantic weekend together.

What would you have done?! 

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