Wait, Reese Witherspoon Just Made How Much?

Photo: Getty Images

I just read everywhere that Reese just sold her company for something like 900 million dollars.. Not 90 Mil, but 900 Mil was the estimated value. ARE YOU SHI&TING ME? I did a little research (not a ton because I am very lazy) but I learned that it's a production company. I assumed it was some sort of lifestyle brand BS, but it turns out that it makes movies that are intended to tell stories of women and to give women a bigger voice in the industry which is great. Someone else with more money wants to grow it with the same intentions, so she sold it.

Also, I have my own production company which makes nothing of any substance except for a dumb podcast with Perez Hilton. That company is now for sale and 2 mil gets the deal done.

P.S. Here is the trailer to the greatest movie ever.

Here is the Reese Story HERE.

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