Miller High Life Introduces New Dive Bar Flavor Ice Cream

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Miller High Life is creating a beer-infused ice cream that tastes like a dive bar! According to Tipsy Scoop, the Miller High Life ice cream bar is described as:

  • Premium ice cream infused with High Life (that packs up to 5% ABV)
  • Delicious peanut swirl bringing the saltiness of the quintessential dive bar snack 
  • A hint of tobacco smoke flavor reminiscent of that unforgettable dive bar scent
  • Gooey caramel swirl to incorporate the distinct sticky dive bar floor feeling only the real ones know 
  • A fun sprinkle of carbonated candy to provide the iconic Champagne of Beers effervescence in every bite
  • All dipped in dark chocolate to evoke the dark wood and dim lighting ambiance that all good dives share

The ice cream will retail for $36.00, and is available for pre-order now! Click here to order!

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