WATCH: MGK Shows Off Brutal Process For 'Most Painful' Blackout Tattoo

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Machine Gun Kelly is giving fans a look into the brutal process of getting his massive blackout tattoo, and it's not for the faint of heart.

The "bloody valentine" musician shared a video on Instagram of the entire process, from hours spent under the needle to healing in an oxygen chamber. Mgk also hit back at haters in the caption, reiterating that he was conscious during the whole experience, writing, "i heard that they thought i went sleep for this... 🙅🏼‍♂️🙄"

The genre: sadboy hitmaker kicked off the video by giving a final look at his torso and arms before getting the expansive ink, showcasing his older tattoos for the last time before he covers them up as he said he was marking "the day that I start the physical change of my body." He went through several sessions to get the ink that covers most of his arms and shoulders and half of his chest, at point undergoing seven sessions in about two weeks' time with still longer to go.

"This is the most painful s--- I've ever experienced in my life," he said.

Throughout the video, mgk documented the often-bloody, grueling process that even caused his elbow to swell up in one clip. However, at another point in the video he couldn't contain his laughter at seeing his belly button fully covered in ink.

Healing from such an intense tattooing process is likely not a fun experience, but mgk seemingly found a way to help "heal faster" by using an oxygen mask and sitting inside a hyperbolic oxygen chamber.

Warning: Video contains graphic content and strong language

Mgk unveiled the blackout tattoo in February, giving fans a good look at the black ink covering a large portion of his upper body that he said was "for spiritual purposes only." His on-again, off-again partner Megan Fox recently shared her own thoughts on mgk's new ink, revealing that was present during part of the process and praising the tattoo has "really elegant" while expressing her disbelief in mgk sitting through the painful process: "I don't actually know how he endured that level of pain."

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