Teen Who Sang Weezer During Brain Surgery Is Recovering

Teen who sang Weezer during brain surgery is recovering. The doctors goal was to preserve her musicality as doctors removed a tumor. Her song choice was “Island in the Sun” by Weezer.

"On an island in the sun

We’ll be playing and having fun

And it makes me feel so fine

I can’t control my brain"

-Weezer "Island In The Sun"

Kira Laconetti has been doing music since she was 6. She loved to sing and act. One day she started having moments where she would forget words and sing off key. 

“Whatever it is it just feels like a light switch just switches in my brain and suddenly I’m tone-deaf. I can’t sing I can’t process the word’s in time with the music” -Kira Laconetti

Shortly after a MRL found a marble-sized tumor in Kira’s brain.

Her tumor was located in her right temporal lobe with controls all of her auditory senses which means that her ability to sing and process sound could be compromised by the tumor. 

The doctors wanted to wake her up during her surgery and have her sing. Her doctor wanted to test her ability to listen to music and sing so that they can see what areas of her brain are important for this function so they can preserve it.

It has now been 3 months since her surgery and although she hasn’t stepped on stage yet she feels better then ever. She is thankful of her doctor for giving her a second chance at her dream. She hopes that her story helps and inspires others. Weezer was touched when they heard about her story and sent her two tickets to their show in Vancouver. Kiro 7 news in Seattle sat down with her and her doctor for an update. Watch full video below.

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