K. Flay Talks About The Biggest Change On Her New Record

Tamo caught up with K. Flay backstage at ALT 98.7 Summer Camp powered by Subaru to talk about her emerging as an artist, the biggest difference between the old/new record.

K. Flay talks about the biggest difference between the old and new record:

The last record, everything that was happening in my life felt like problems. But with this new record, it has solutions for that very reason. I worked hard to pivot towards something that was going to make my mind, body, and life better in certain ways.
I was talking to my good friend Bishop Briggs and he said 'The best way to write songs is to say 'what is the thing you are most scared to say?' For me, I found out it was scary to say 'most of the time I like myself.

Photos By Joel Marasigan @FlashpointGrafix

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