GroupLove Perform Alongside Crazy Looking Teeth at ALT Summer Camp

NCAA March Madness Music Festival 2017 - Day 2

GroupLove opened with “Prime Time” feeding an electric mood as lead singer Hannah Hooper swerved her way around a stage prop of teeth. Yes, you read that right. The stage featured a huge plaster of bottom down teeth covered in colorful plashes of paint (we hope).

The Indie pop-rock band prides itself on connecting with their audience. That’s what made the magic for their big hit “Tongue Tied”.

“We were just, like, five best friends getting stoned and singing about friendship and life and that desperation and that excitement you feel when you’re going over to a friend’s house and might make out with someone. And, you know, just getting lost in youth.”

Today, that creativity and freedom oozes onto the stage and into the crowd. Festival goers were welcomed with fun dance moves, bouncing beach balls, and Long Beach sunshine”

Check out video of their performance below.

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