Of Monsters and Men Performs for First Time in 3 Years at ALT Summer Camp

Of Monsters And Men Performs To Benefit MusiCares At El Rey Theatre

Icelandic indie folk/pop band, Of Monsters and Men closed out show with an epic performance at ALT Summer Camp.

They performed some fan favorites including "Little Talks","Eye of the Storm" and their latest, "Alligator" off their new album.

"We just released a new album, called "Fever Dream" the band excitedly told the audience.

"You know, it's been a while since we've played a show. It's been about three years. So it's a pleasure to spend our very first show here with you guys."

The latest album is a complete new turn from their latest tracks including their 2012 album, My Head Is an Animal. Most fans were shocked to hear the new album as it "takes a more classic rock approach and includes almost no notes of folk," dailycal notes.

"So it was also a really important process for us to explore our sound and do something new. It’s our third album and we don’t want to just repeat what we did. We want to grow and evolve, so this was necessary for us," says the group's Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir.

"It's like a growth spurt... I know that some people won’t like it, because it’s different and people don’t like change, but that’s okay."

Check out clips of the groups performance below!

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