All the Highlights From ALT Summer Camp 2019

Rocking out on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Long Beach, California really doesn't sound that bad. That certainly was the case at ALT Summer Camp. Fans got to check out some of their favorite acts including Of Monsters and Men, Cold War Kids, K.Flay, and more! Check out all the highlights from the event here!

Of Monsters and Men Performs for First Time in 3 Years

ALT Summer Camp 2019

Icelandic indie folk/pop band, Of Monsters and Men closed out show with an epic performance at ALT Summer Camp. They performed some fan favorites including "Little Talks","Eye of the Storm" and their latest, "Alligator" off their new album.

"We just released a new album, called "Fever Dream" the band excitedly told the audience.

"You know, it's been a while since we've played a show. It's been about three years. So it's a pleasure to spend our very first show here with you guys."

The Interrupters Remind the Crowd Who They Are & Cover Billie Eilish’s "Bad Guy"

The Interrupters took the stage to perform some of their fan favs including "She's Kerosene", "Family", and their latest song, "Gave You Everything". Between records, the band provided a quick note to fans that they are indeed a real punk group and how proud they were to be the band representing this genre on the ALT Summer Camp stage. Alternative music originated from punk, the group told the audience.

The Head and the Heart Shout Out Lady Love

Coming back with a new sound, The Head and the Heart hit the ALT Summer Camp stage to perform hits off of their latest album, Living Mirage. On stage, they took a moment to give shout out to Grouplove, who took the Summer Camp stage earlier in the day. Charity then made special mention of all the girl power in the venue.

"Can I also just real quick give some lady love. The f*cking bad ass ladies. The ratio of women on the stage today has been very very very very inspiring and I'm very lucky to be here on this stage as well."

Cold War Kids Rock Out on Their Home Town Stage

Long Beach Natives, Cold War Kids, returned home to hit our ALT Summer Camp stage.

"We want to say we love Long Beach," the band yelled on stage.

“This is a lovely day of music and we happen to be apart of it. Many great bands are here, so thank you guys,” Nathan welcomed the stage.

Walk the Moon Kicked Off With the Lion King Theme

Walk the Moon or Walk the Jungle? The rock band hit the ALT Summer Camp stage accompanied by the Lion King theme music. Oh yes!

One user was struck by the walk out tunes:

"Did Walk the Moon just come on stage to The Lion King theme!? F*ck yeah they did!!!!! #ALTSummerCamp"

Phantogram is Back After a Three Year Hiatus

New York duo, Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, of the band Phantogram are hitting the stages once again following a three year hiatus from music with tunes from their latest album “Into Happiness”. In addition to their hit songs, the band performed their chart topping “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” apart of the album Three, which really put them on the map.

When on stage, Sarah shouted her excitement for the new album and the fact that it's one you won't want to miss.

"There's a lot of f*cking jams. Let me tell you."

Oliver Tree Opens the Show

A sunny day in Long Beach, California set the perfect scene for electric Oliver Tree to hit the ALT Summer Camp stage. Oliver opened up the show donning his eclectic purple windbreaker and massive bellbottom jeans.

The crowd vibed out as he performed his hit song Hurt, “Alien Boy” and others. The former tune came as a shocker to fans who learned that the song was indeed inspired by a bad trip on a scooter as Oliver had said.

GroupLove Perform Alongside Crazy Looking Teeth

GroupLove opened with “Prime Time” feeding an electric mood as lead singer Hannah Hooper swerved her way around a stage prop of teeth. Yes, you read that right. The stage featured a huge plaster of bottom down teeth covered in colorful plashes of paint (we hope).

lovelytheband Discuss Mental Health

On their one year album release anniversary, lovelytheband stepped out on the stage with a surge of confidence and power ready to rock the show. They kicked off performing “These are my friends” prompting the crowd to snuggle up with their besties and bask in the audio love.

A year can do a lot and the group knows just how much that extent of that can weigh on ones health.

The group went on to say that mental health is important and it’s important to talk about it.

“Do not be afraid to ask for help. It’s courageous to ask for help”

They continued by telling the crowd, “our message has never changed. If you’re struggling with any mental health battle, please know you’re never alone."

K. Flay Turns Up the Crowd

K.Flay wants to see a change in the world - a theme recurring in her latest album, Solutions. Her knockout performance at Alt 98.7 Summer Camp was a compilation of new and old music feeding the crowd with positive vibes.

During her performance, one could feel the vulnerability pouring out which Flay has described as being a crutch for a woman wishing to earn respect. When reflecting on her last album K.Flay acknowledged that the change from then to now was necessary.

SHAED Covers Hozier's "Take Me to Church"

Washington D.C. natives, SHAED, made their way out to Long Beach, CA for our ALT Summer Camp show. The trio, consisting of Chelsea Lee and twin brothers Spencer and Max, performed an equally rhythmic cover of Hozier'sTake me to Church” encapsulating the crowd in a gospel arena of soul.

Of course, their 2018 widely successful hit “Trampoline” was performed, a song that explores what it may be like to run toward your dreams with open arms.

Half Alive Broke Out Some Dope Dance Moves

Long Beach natives, half alive (stylized as “half•alive”) graced the Alt Summer Camp stage with their R&B, funk, pop, rock, and soul, splendor. The band trio which consist of, Josh Taylor [vocals], Brett Kramer [drums], and J Tyler Johnson [bass] gave a fun and funky performance, including their big hit “Still Feel”. The 2018 breakout song quickly took off garnering the bands visual pairing with over 24 million views on YouTube and a deal with RCA records.

Their Summer Camp performance was nothing less than amazing with a synced vibe operating in tandem with the crowd.

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