You Can Get Paid $3,000 To Take More Coffee Breaks!

Get paid to take a coffee break?! YES Please!

Chameleon Cold-Bew is on a mission to help you get paid for your coffee breaks! They'll even pay you to do so! The coffee company announced its new "ultimate coffee break" contest which will reward two caffeine lovers with $3,000 and all the coffee they could possibly dream of.

Director of marketing for Chameleon Organic Coffee stated "We wanted to remind those at home to take coffee breaks the way they're meant to be taken – often. Finding work-life balance has been very challenging this year, so our goal is to encourage people to step away from their to-do lists for a few more minutes each day to get the boost they need."

You have from now until May 31st to enter on their website! Click here for more info.

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