Gorilla Glue Girl Comes Out With Her Own Hair Care Line!

Photo: Getty Images

photocredit: gettyimages

When Tessica Brown accidentally mistakenly used Gorilla Glue back in February for hairspray, all users on social media were stunned.

She then went on social media for help after using the heavy-duty Gorilla Glue spray on her hair to keep in place after she ran out of Got2B glued hairspray. Now here we are four months later and she turned the incident into a haircare business. She said that a lot of people have been asking what have you been using for your hair to grow back so fast, she said she wasn't using anything so she could be ready for her new hair care line to come out.

It's called Forever Hair and it's a hair growth oil, edge control and hairspray which have helped her grow her hair back after it had to be cut due to scalp damage. You can purchase this on the website tbforeverhair.com and it ranges from $14 to $18.

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