The Obsession With The Big D From Netflix's Sex Life Isn't Just About Size!

Photo: Getty Images for Netflix

photocredit: gettyimages

People are obsessed with Netflix's new show Sex/Life!

There's a scene where we are shown a BIG P**** and people have a lot of questions. This summer, the big D taking over the cultural conversation is fictional, but also a real body part belonging to a real human being. It appears in an episode of the new Netflix drama when a the main character's husband Cooper, eyes up the package of his romantic rival, Brad when both are sharing a shower in a gym locker room.

Many people questioned if it was a prosthetic. Actor Adam Demos denied donning a prosthetic for the scene, how ever claiming every last inch of the D of the summer is 100% his!

Looks like we will never know if it's really his, or some Hollywood magic!

Have you watched the show yet?! Click Here For More Info!

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