3 Women Found Out They Were Dating The Same Man & Came Up With A Plan!

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photocredit: gettyimages

Three women said that they found out they had the same cheating boyfriend... so what did they do?!

They converted a school bus and went on a road trip together! Bekah King, Abi Roberts and Morgan Tabor are all obsessed with music and apparently had the same boyfriend at the same time. Together they saved money, purchased a school bus and spent over two months renovating it.

After they stalked his social media, one of the girls discovered another woman' page with a picture of her boyfriend on it. They all reached out to each other and became friends. The three of them ended up on a six-hour FaceTime call. They then confronted him, found the vehicle of their dreams and went on a roadtrip!

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What would you have done!?

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