Man Chugs Drink From Girlfriend's Menstrual Cup, Thinking It Was A Shot

If you have a weak stomach. Don't continue! A TikToker took a drink from what he thought was a shot glass, but was actually his girlfriend's menstrual cup. He made a TikTok showing him take a drink from his girlfriend's menstrual cup.

The man is seen drinking while asking for help to identify the object. You hear him say "What kind of make-up device is my girlfriend using? Is this for, like, application? No. Why does it have a tail? This feels illegal to have." The comments flooded in and people wrote "I can't count how many times I yelled 'NOOOOO' at my cell while watching this."while another wrote,"Men, this is why you need to keep out of women's things - you're going to get hurt."

Yikes! Check out the video below.

Have you ever done something like this?

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