Woman Shares Nightmare Tinder Date After Man's Dead Ex Shows Up!

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photocredit: gettyimages

A woman shared her Tinder date when her date's "dead" ex turned up at the same restaurant when they had their first date!

Hannah matched with a man on the app before the pandemic and for a while before meeting up. She thought he was a nice person but didn't see much happening past the date. They went to a well-known spot and she even said that the date was going well as they started to get to know each other.

He then started telling her of his heartbreak after his previous partner died of cancer, and showed Hannah old photos. She said "He was talking about his recently deceased partner who’d died from cancer and how he was struggling post-death. Sympathy was given because, well, that’s a horrible thing to go through. All was going well until he looks up, goes white and bolts to the loos.”

She said she turned around and saw a woman who looked like the pictures and his partner wasn't dead. The girl had two children with him and thought he was working overtime to support them. Hannah was shocked as she talked to the ex-partner who told her she could have been the sixth girl he lied to.

Hannah then paid her part of the bill and left and hasn't been on a date since.

What would you have done?!

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