Mom Left Horrified After Spotting Ghost Figure Pushing Daughter Down Slide

Photo: Getty Images

photocredit: gettyimages

This mother was left horrified after spotting a ghostly figure appearing to push a little girl down a slide!

The creepy footage shows a little girl going down the slide as a creepy, ghost like head appears in the shadows behind her! The mother was freaked out by the video online saying it makes her skin crawl.

She wrote "I did not know whether to upload this or not, but I decided to share it. This happened to my daughter four days ago.I told several people that I was shocked and asked what them what’s there. My daughter and her father were scared. This happened in San Nicolas near Walmart. I don’t know why this happened or why it happened to my baby daughter... every time I watch this video it makes my skin crawl."

Check it out below. Do you think this is real?

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