Ghostbusters- Obsessed Couple Hunts Their Own Ghosts!

Who ya gonna call?!

K&M Paranormal, ran by Katy and Matt. This couple is so Ghostbusters obsessed that they created their own team to catch ghosts! They are based in Wales with six volunteer members on board and grow each day by investigating some of the UK's haunted locations.

When asked what a typical day is like they said "A typical day for a ghost hunter usually involves spending hours trawling the Internet for new venues. Sending emails or making phone calls to make enquiries. Contacting our guests booked on our events for their meal choices etc. The morning of an investigation involves checking our equipment, charging radios, recorders etc, changing batteries and making sure the equipment is working correctly. We head out to the venue a few hours before our guests arrive so we can set up our equipment and have the night's activities planned.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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