The Viper Room To Be Torn Down And Remodeled As Part Of A12-Story High Rise

Live Music Venues Remain Closed In Los Angeles Due To Restrictive Coronavirus Measures

Photo: Getty Images North America

According to LAist, The Viper Room is closing it's doors (for now) and will be remodeled as part of a 12-story high rise. The iconic music venue was once co-owned by Johnny Depp, and is known for its Rock concerts. Artists from Tom Petty to the Heartbreakers have performed in this iconic space. Silver Creek Development purchased the property almost 4 years ago, and plan on making it a 12-story high rise that will include a hotel, restaurants, and condos! Construction will begin in 2023!

But don't fret, The Viper Room is not closing forever, and will be include in the remodel! Adrian Fine of the Los Angeles Conservacy says:

They're not even talking about these places, or even thinking about them as being potentially historic because they don't see them as being so new. So, we need to change that because we're going to lose a lot of places before we even start understanding how they fit into a larger context."

The Viper Room's General Manager, Tommy Black says:

I am excited that the venue will get "a new lease on life" and become "bigger and better."

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