Scientists Are Reincarnating The Woolly Mammoth Which Could Return By 2027

Mammoth in the middle of mountains . This is a 3d render illustration

Photo: Getty Images

According to Unilad, scientists are working on the return of Woolly Mammoths! A biotech company called Colossal has been working on this project since 2021, and expects to see results by 2027! According to Colossal, the Woolly Mammoth's DNA is a 99.6% match with the Asian elephant, which is why they believe they can bring it back! Colossal has said,

"In the minds of many, this creature is gone forever, but not in the minds of our scientists, nor the labs of our company. We’re already in the process of the de-extinction of the Woolly Mammoth. Our teams have collected viable DNA samples and are editing the genes that will allow this wonderful megafauna to once again thunder through the Arctic.Colossal's landmark de-extinction project will be the resurrection of the Woolly Mammoth - or more specifically a cold-resistant elephant with all of the core biological traits of the Woolly Mammoth. It will walk like a Woolly Mammoth, look like one, sound like one, but most importantly it will be able to inhabit the same ecosystem previously abandoned by the Mammoth’s extinction."

The Woolly Mammoth will be brought to life through gene editing, which will be used to create a woolly mammoth embryo!

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