Here's How You Can Get Reimbursed For Pothole Repairs From The LA Rain!

Pot Hole

Photo: Getty Images

If you've hit a pothole recently and have gotten a flat tire or needed any type of repair due to hitting it, you may be able to get reimbursed from the pothole damage. Repairs usually cost about $600 and having to use that money for an unexpected repair is the worst. According to KTLA 5, if you hit the pothole and have damages to your vehicle or suffer some injuries, you can find out "who owns the stretch of roadway and what part of the government collects the claims."

If the pothole is on a freeway or state highway, Caltrans will pay up to $10,000 for repairs to reimburse you for the damages. If you hit a pothole on a street, you can file a claim with the city of LA. To file the claim, you will need photos of the pothole, damage and an estimate of the damages. Filing a claim is not an automatic yes on getting reimbursed though but hey it is worth trying because you never know!

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