Easter Storm Moves Out of Region, but Chilly Conditions Remain

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Southern California experienced a rare rainy Easter, but the storm is expected to make its way out of the region Monday leaving below average temperatures and chilly conditions.

The combined rainfall total in downtown Los Angeles for the past two years, starting Oct. 1, 2022, is 52.46 inches, the second greatest total for two consecutive water years since records started in 1877. There are six months remaining in the current water year which ends on Sept. 30.

The rainfall total for 2022-23 is 31.07 inches, from Oct. 1, 2022 to Sept. 30, 2023, and is the seventh wettest on record. The rainfall total so far for 2023-24 is 21.39 inches.

The 2022 to 2024 totals are the most rain in consecutive water years since the water years of 1888-1889 and 1889-1890. During those years, the rainfall total was 54.10 inches.

Several daily rainfall records were set Saturday, according to the National Weather Service. Downtown Los Angeles set a record with 1.73 inches, breaking the record of 1.27 inches set in 1946. LAX received 1.87 inches, surpassing 1946's .86 inches. Long Beach Airport set a record with 1.86 inches, breaking the record of .24 inches set in 1978. Palmdale and Lancaster also set records with 1.12 inches and 1.08 inches, respectively.

Sunday's rainfall totals will be highly variable, according to the NWS, with many areas receiving an additional 0.25 to 0.50 inches, and a chance of some small areas receiving up to an additional inch if a strong thunderstorm passes overhead.

Several record lows were reported in Orange County on Sunday. It was 59 in Anaheim, breaking the record for the lowest maximum temperature for the day of 62 set in 2006. It was 57 in Santa Ana, breaking the record for lowest maximum temperature for the day of 61 set in 1999. It was 56 in Newport Beach, tying the record for lowest maximum temperature set in 1977.

The rain led to flooding and street closures in some areas and some power outages on Saturday.

The city of Los Angeles temporarily closed the Sepulveda Basin around midday Saturday. The closure spanned Burbank Boulevard between Balboa Boulevard and the San Diego (405) Freeway, and on Woodley Avenue from Victory to Burbank Boulevard.

Also closed for the duration of the storm was the on-ramp to southbound Interstate 5 from Lankershim Boulevard in Sun Valley, where Caltrans crews were installing three extra pumps to prevent the highway from flooding.

Caltrans said Interstate 5 remained open through the Grapevine on Sunday, but drivers should expect rain and high winds over the summit.

In Long Beach, a 20-foot Eucalyptus tree uprooted and fell on a house on E. Allington Street early Sunday, ABC7 reported. The roof was heavily damaged, but no injuries were reported.

In Fullerton, a black Nissan Altima was found 90% submerged in a ditch off the Orange (57) Freeway and Chapman Avenue at 10:06 a.m. Saturday.

The person who reported the incident said the sedan spun out and went off the right shoulder into a ditch. There was no one inside the car when first responders arrived.

A chain link fence was damaged and the car was facing sideways in the ditch.

The CHP said the registered owner wanted to see the vehicle for herself, and that she understood there would be no attempt to recover the vehicle until the weather improved.

The Los Angeles County Public Works Department warned residents Friday about the potential for debris and mudflow in parts of the north county. Supervisor Kathryn Barger advised residents to take appropriate precautions in light of threatened mudflows.

Forecasters said the rain would move on by Monday, though daytime temperatures will remain well below normal, with most highs in the 50s and low 60s.

A high pressure system will move temperatures substantially higher Tuesday and Wednesday, into the mid-70s in some areas. Gusty northwest winds and cooler conditions will increase the chances of another round of light rain by the end of the week.

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