Each week Out Of Order with Stryker brings you the top 20 Alternative Rock songs, counted down in random order, up-and-coming bands, international acts, and artist interviews.

Born and raised in the City of Angels, Ted Stryker cohosts ALT Afternoons with Booker & Stryker on ALT 98.7 Los Angeles from 3-7pm. He also stars in his own podcast “Tuna on Toast,” where he interviews famous musical artists and entertainers about their careers and upcoming projects. Stryker spent 22 years on Los Angeles Alt-rock station KROQ and has hosted red carpet shows for the American Music Awards, the Billboard Music Awards.

Tuna on Toast w Blue October - Justin Furstenfeld

Tuna on Toast w Josh Homme - Queens of the Stoneage

On this episode of Tuna On Toast, Stryker interviews Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. The band has a new album out called ‘In Times New Roman’ and Josh tells Stryker all about how it came together. The guys discuss inspiration for some of the songs, including “Paper Machete” and "What the Peephole Say." Josh has had a difficult few years but he explains to Stryker why he’s able to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and even reveals that he laughs when life gets especially tough. Queens of the Stone Age are out on tour and Josh details how he puts the band’s setlist together every night. He also explains why he still loves playing “No One Knows” and why QOTSA will never be a band that refuses to play their hits. Josh Homme also reveals some of his favorite movies – including a Ryan Gosling flick and some rom-coms. He also explains why he’s never heard a Taylor Swift song. Subscribe to Tuna On Toast with Stryker, leave us a review, give us a follow on social media, and thank you – as always – for supporting the show!

Tuna on Toast w Hoobastank - Doug Robb

In this episode of Tuna On Toast, Stryker sat down with Doug Robb, singer for Hoobastank. The band's album 'The Reason' turns 20 in 2023 and Doug went into detail about the making of the album. Doug tells Stryker about the title track, "The Reason," and how he had no idea it would become a massive hit. He also reveals why the song's success changed things for Hoobastank, especially when it came to the band's public perception. This interview took place at the Sick New World festival in Las Vegas, and Doug talked about playing on a lineup of early 2000s rock acts and what it was like to have his family in the crowd. Hoobastank are also planning some shows and special releases for the anniversary of 'The Reason,' and Doug gave Stryker some hints for what to expect. Subscribe to Tuna On Toast, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and thanks -- as always -- for making this show possible! 

Tuna on Toast w Ryan Key - Yellowcard

In this episode, Stryker welcomes Ryan Key, singer for Yellowcard to Tuna On Toast. After breaking up in 2016, Yellowcard reunited in 2022 and Ryan tells Stryker all about how the band got back together. Yellowcard also has a new EP called ‘Childhood Eyes’ and Ryan goes into detail about the EP and its title track. This summer Yellowcard will be out playing some of the biggest shows of their career to celebrate the 20tth anniversary of their album ‘Ocean Avenue.' Where is the real Ocean Avenue? Why was the song “Ocean Avenue” almost left off the album? And how quickly did things blow up for Yellowcard after the album came out? Ryan answers these questions and more. He also explains how he handles the band's haters, and details his deep passion for all things Star Wars. Subscribe to the podcast, leave us a comment or review, follow Tuna On Toast on socials and thank you – as always – for making this show possible!

Tuna on Toast w Alex Gaskarth - All Time Low

In this episode of Tuna On Toast, Stryker interviews Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low. Alex details his early years and how he first started playing music, revealing that a Green Day song was the first thing he learned to play on guitar. He then tells Stryker all about how he met Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson and Zack Merrick, the other members of All Time Low. The band’s breakthrough song was “Dear Maria, Count Me In” and Alex recalls how things started taking off for his group. All Time Low have released nine studio albums, including ‘Tell Me I’m Alive’ in 2023, and Alex tells Stryker about the band’s evolution with each release. Being part of The Warped Tour was another major experience for All Time Low and Alex reveals how impactful the festival was to All Time Low’s career. Alex has also become close friends with Mark Hoppus from Blink 182. He talks about their friendship, what it’s like working with Mark and the future of their collaborative project together, Simple Creatures. Subscribe to Tuna On Toast, leave us a comment or review, and thank you – as always – for supporting the show!

Tuna on Toast w grandson

In this episode, Stryker welcomes grandson to Tuna On Toast. Stryker was the first DJ to play grandson on the radio, and the singer looks back on how inspiring that experience was. One of grandson’s biggest influences is Rage Against the Machine. He discusses how excited he is that RATM is going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and even offers to perform with the band if they need him! grandson also has a fantastic new album called ‘I Love You, I'm Trying.’ It’s a very personal release and he tells Stryker all about how it came together. Grandson is touring with K Flay this summer. The two musicians have become close friends, and he details how that bond has formed over the years. Grandson also reveals how the Tom Hanks movie ‘That Thing You Do’ inspired him to pursue a career in music. Subscribe to Tuna On Toast, leave us a comment or review, and thank you so much for supporting the show!

Tuna on Toast w Beno - Manager of SOAD - KORN - A7X - AFI - Deftones - Alice in Chains

In this episode of Tuna On Toast, Stryker sits down with David Beno Benveniste, CEO of Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group. Beno is the man who signed System of a Down, and he reveals how he discovered the band and what it was like working with Rick Rubin on their albums. Beno’s other clients include Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, AFI, Alice in Chains and Deftones. He told Stryker about Davey Havok’s greatness, what makes Jerry Cantrell such a great musician, how Jonathan Davis strives for success and why he wanted to work with M Shadows and the A7X guys long before he ever signed them. Beno also shares advice for bands starting out today, as well as the concept of artists as “brands” that can build relationships with fans over years. Velvet Hammer also co-created the Sick New World festival. Beno reveals how that event came together and what the future holds for it. Click that subscribe button, follow @Tunaontoast on socials and thank you for supporting the show!

Tuna on Toast w Tyson Ritter - All American Rejects

This week Stryker welcomes Tyson Ritter from All-American Rejects into the Tuna On Toast studio, and this already ranks as one of our all-time favorite interviews! From “Sing Swing” to “Move Along,” “It Ends Tonight” to “Gives You Hell,” All-American Rejects have cranked out some massive hits, and Tyson discusses his band’s backstory, as well as how toxic it was for him, at just 17-years old, to get caught up in the record industry. Could All-American Rejects return with new music soon? Tyson explains what would need to happen for the band to release something new after more than a decade away. More recently, Tyson launched the group Now More Than Ever, and he explains to Stryker how that project came together. Tyson is also a successful actor and has a new movie coming out called ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’ where he stars alongside Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox (aka Logan Roy from ‘Succession’)! He revealed to Stryker what it was like working with an acting legend. Plus, you’ll never believe the crazy story Tyson shares about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly! Subscribe to Tuna On Toast on YouTube and everywhere you get podcasts. Leave us a comment or a nice review and thank you – as always – for supporting the show!

Tuna on Toast w Shavo Odadjian - System of a Down

This week, we’ve got another highlight from Tuna On Toast on the road at Sick New World in Las Vegas. Stryker caught up with Shavo Odadjian from System of a Down as he prepared to headline the festival. The performance also marked System’s first concert in over a year, and Shavo revealed his process to get ready for their set. The guys took a walk down memory lane as Shavo looked back on his band’s early club shows, including gigs alongside Deftones and Korn. It was around this time that System of a Down connected with Rick Rubin, and Shavo gave Stryker an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to work with the famous producer. The guys also discussed Shavo’s upcoming solo album, System’s chances of making the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the stage trick Shavo learned from Gene Simmons! Please subscribe, leave us a comment and thank YOU for helping us continue to grow Tuna on Toast!!

Tuna on Toast with M. Shadows Avenged Sevenfold

M. Shadows joined Ted Stryker in Las Vegas for an episode of Tuna on Toast. It was the morning after Avenged Sevenfold played their first concert in 5 years. It was also the weekend of the Sick New World Festival. The guys discuss how M. Shadows thinks the performance went including what he gives himself outta 10! M. Shadows and Stryker talk about the new Avenged Sevenfold album titled LIFE IS BUT A DREAM.