Each week Out Of Order with Stryker brings you the top 20 Alternative Rock songs, counted down in random order, up-and-coming bands, international acts, and artist interviews.

Born and raised in the City of Angels, Ted Stryker cohosts ALT Afternoons with Booker & Stryker on ALT 98.7 Los Angeles from 3-7pm. He also stars in his own podcast “Tuna on Toast,” where he interviews famous musical artists and entertainers about their careers and upcoming projects. Stryker spent 22 years on Los Angeles Alt-rock station KROQ and has hosted red carpet shows for the American Music Awards, the Billboard Music Awards.

Tuna on Toast w Joe Keery - Djo - Stranger Things

Tuna on Toast w Phoenix - Thomas Mars

In this episode, Stryker welcomes from the band PHOENIX, Thomas Mars. Thomas tells Stryker about his love for Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bewitched and the show Dallas.  The guys talk about what life was like for Thomas growing up in Versailles, France.

Stryker and Thomas discuss the timeline on why and how Phoenix went from a studio band to a live band.  Thomas tells Stryker why he doesn't think the band will play album anniversary shows for WOLFGANG AMADEUS PHOENIX.  

New music from Phoenix is being worked on says Thomas!  Thomas Mars is such a good dude and beyond talented.  If you haven't seen Phoenix play live, find a show and go see em play!  Thank you again for supporting Tuna on Toast! 

Tuna on Toast w Jakob Nowell - Sublime - Jakobs Castle

In this episode, Ted Stryker welcomes Jakob Nowell to Tuna on Toast w Stryker. Jakob tells Stryker all about his new Jakobs Castle album which is out now titled Enter the Castle. Jakob and Stryker discuss how the great Tim Armstrong worked on the album. Jakob discusses his favorite bands growing up like Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down and Tool! Jakob and Stryker talk about Jakob's Dad, the late great Bradley Nowell and what it's like to now be the frontman of the band Sublime, with Bud and Eric. Will Jakob and Gwen Stefani be able to meet up and perform "Saw Red"?  We hope that happens! Jakob is smart, cool, and hardworking and when you have a moment, go stream his brand new album, it's fantastic!

Tuna on Toast w Judah and the Lion - Judah Akers

In this episode, we welcome frontman of Judah and the Lion, Judah Akers to Tuna on Toast with Stryker.

Judah and Stryker talk about the new album, The Process and how the 5 stages of grief have inspired the songs. 

Judah shares his love for K. Flay and how they met and how touring with Incubus and Twenty One Pilots influenced Judah.

Thanks for supporting Tuna on Toast and please make sure to go see Judah and the Lion when they play in a city near you. 

Tuna on Toast w Jacoby Shaddix - Papa Roach

In this Tuna on Toast episode, Stryker welcomes the frontman of Papa Roach, Jacoby Shaddix. The guys talk everything from early shows in Vacaville to signing with a big label to releasing Infest.  It's a deep dive of everything past, present and future. This episode is filled with so many awesome stories with a ton of inspiration. Jacoby is a talented and smart guy who is an awesome frantman!  Thanks for listening to another episode of Tuna on Toast. 

Tuna on Toast w Flavor Flav - Public Enemy

This week on Tuna On Toast, Stryker interviews Flavor Flav. The legendary rapper has a new song called "Every Where Man," and he tells Stryker all about how it came together -- including teaming up with Chuck D again. Flavor Flav also discusses the history of Public Enemy, as well as the group's lasting impact. Why did Flavor Flav start wearing a clock around his neck? He tells Stryker the story. Flavor Flav also reveals how Beastie Boys got him on his first airplane flight. He tells that story and explains why he, alongside the Beastie Boys, helped pull down racial divides in hip hop. Flavor Flav goes into detail about Public Enemy's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and why the honor meant so much to him. Plus, is Flavor Flav collaborating with Foo Fighters? He gives Stryker the details of his conversation with Dave Grohl. Subscribe to Tuna On Toast, follow us on socials, and thank you for supporting the show!

Tuna on Toast w Brent Smith - Shinedown

In this episode of Tuna On Toast, Stryker interviews Brent Smith, lead singer of Shinedown! Brent starts out talking about an elderly fan who recently went viral because of her love for Shinedown and "The Sound of Madness". He also discusses the band’s hugely popular 2008 album, ‘The Sound of Madness,’ and why it was such a major moment in Shinedown’s career. Brent looks back on his early days, his upbringing, and the band he was in before Shinedown. Brent opens up to Stryker about his previous battles with addiction and his journey to sobriety. He also tells Stryker about his friend Jellyroll and explains why he’s so happy to see the singer’s success. Shinedown’s song “A Symptom of Being Human” is a huge radio hit for the band, and Brent tells Stryker all about how it came together. Brent also discusses the ‘90s rock bands who influenced him and reveals who would be on his ‘90s rock Mount Rushmore. Shinedown has toured with some legendary acts, including Van Halen and Kiss, and Brent explains how he learned from every experience. Towards the end of the interview, Brent even reveals that Shinedown is working on new music! Subscribe to Tuna On Toast, follow us on socials, and thanks for supporting the show!

Tuna on Toast w Taking Back Sunday - Adam Lazzara

In this episode, Stryker welcomes Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday to Tuna On Toast. Taking Back Sunday's new album, 152, is out now. Adam discusses how it came together and reveals why working with a pop producer had a HUGE impact on this album. Adam also talks to Stryker about how recording technology has changed over the years and his own struggles to evolve with different digital tools. Adam joined Taking Back Sunday over 20 years ago and he takes Stryker through the story of how he met the band and originally became their bassist before switching to vocals -- even though he wasn't a singer! Later in the interview, Adam explains why Taking Back Sunday works hard to keep their concert ticket prices low. He also shows love for Post Malone and reveals what Taking Back Sunday learned while opening for Blink-182! Subscribe to Tuna On Toast, follow @TedStryker and @Tunaontoast on Instagram, and THANK YOU for supporting the show!

Tuna on Toast w Matt Skiba - Alkaline Trio

Ted Stryker welcomes the awesome Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio to Tuna on Toast! Matt and Stryker talk about the band's new album, 'Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs' and how he chose that title. Matt details his childhood and his Mom and Dad's experience in the Vietnam War. He also tells a story of going to see Social Distortion as a kid, along with early punk shows that influenced him. Matt shares his thoughts on songwriting and his surprising influences -- from Ani DiFranco to Elton John. Matt discusses his time in Blink-182 and how working with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker influenced the new Alkaline Trio album. Matt also shares his reaction to Blink's new music! Matt Skiba tells Stryker about his first photoshoot with Blink-182, and explains why it's the only thing he’d change about his time in the band. Matt talks about the late great Jerry Finn and his favorite Warped Tour memories. Alkaline Trio's new album was recorded at Dave Grohl’s 606 Studio. Matt discusses the experience, and explains how Alkaline Trio knew Josh Freese was in Foo Fighters before everyone else. Matt also talks about the Alkaline Trio album he CAN'T listen to. Matt Skiba is such a cool and talented guy. I'm super grateful he was so open and talkative! Subscribe to Tuna On Toast, follow us on social media, and thank you for supporting the show!

Tuna on Toast w Marvelous 3

This episode of Tuna On Toast, Stryker sits down with Butch Walker and Jayce Fincher of Marvelous 3. The band has been gone for over 20 years, but recently got back together. Butch reveals what led to the Marvelous 3 reunion and discusses the band’s new album, IV. The guys also go back in history, reliving how Marvelous 3 got started and their breakout song, “Freak of the Week.” Turns out, Butch didn’t think much of “Freak of the Week” at first, but it was Jayce who recognized the song’s potential. The guys also discuss the highs and lows of success, including some dark times right before Marvelous 3 broke up. Butch Walker has had a very successful career as a songwriter and producer, working with artists like Taylor Swift, Pink, Weezer, Avril Lavigne and Fall Out Boy. Butch tells Stryker what he brings to the table when he’s working with other artists, and the importance of finding the right kind of producer. Marvelous 3 have a handful of reunion performances in 2023. Butch and Jayce admitted their excitement for the gigs – and even teased the potential for more shows to come. Leave us a review, follow Tuna On Toast and Ted Stryker on socials, and thank you for your support!