Close To Home Playlist: 09.15.19.

greetings and salutations, my music-loving friends!

it brings me so much joy that you listened to the new episode of #CloseToHome powered by Musicians Institute tonight - you're the best! and speaking of #MusiciansInstitute - visit if you'd like to find out how they can help you help you bring music into your life!

here's the full playlist in the order played on the show:

Close To Home: 09.15.19.

Talk Time - Colors

Banks - Gimme

Muna - Number One Fan

The Regrettes - I Dare You

The Interrupters - Gave You Everything 

Dreamers - Die Happy (The Wombats Remix)

Yoke Lore - Everybody Wants To Be Loved (ft. NVDES)

The Griswolds - Nice To Meet Ya!

Weathers - Lonely Vampire

The Shelters - You're Different

Gabriel Black - Dead Yet (ft. Phem)

Haim - Summer Girl 

Electric Guest - More

Foster The People - Pick U Up

xo, tobi :)

@tobitalks / #tobitalks

*this week's bonus video is from my sweet and talented friend adrian, aka Yoke Lore, and his new song called Everybody Wants To Be Loved featuring LA based NVDES. if you dig the sounds - you can see him play live at the el ray on october 2. in the meantime, sway to the sounds of his new smooth jam:

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