Close To Home Playlist: 11.17.19.

hi hi.

it's always such a pleasure to curate and host #CloseToHome powered by Musicians Institute every #SundayFunday and i'm always so grateful that you tune in. so thank you! and speaking of #MusiciansInstitute, if you visit they can help bring even more music into your life. just sayin ;)

here's the full playlist in the order played on the show:

Close To Home: 11.17.19.

Upsahl - Smile For The Camera

Classixx - Love Me No More

Transviolet - Sunshine

Miniature Tigers - Manic Upswings

The Griswolds - Somebody

Love Fame Tragedy - Pills

Cold War Kids - Dirt In My Eyes 

Half*Alive - Runaway

Slow Hollows - Heart

Haim - Now I'm In It

Hazel English - Shaking

Twin XL - Messy

Magic Giant - Disaster Party

Awolnation - The Best 

xo, tobi :)

@tobitalks / #tobitalks

*this week's bonus video is from on of my top five favorite #LA acts - the dynamic duo called Classixx. if you listen to my show with any regularity you know that i big puffy heart them times infinity, so i'm stoked they're back with new music, and i hope this is an indication of a new album in our future. the sassy song is called Love Me No More, and my advice to you would be to turn the volume up really loud and dance like everyone is watching! cue the #swoons:

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