Close To Home Playlist: 02.09.20.

Vinyl record on pink background. Several musical notes are born of the vinyl record

hooray for #SundayFunday, and thanks so much for listening to another new episode of #CloseToHome powered by Musicians Institute! and while i'm on the topic of #MusiciansInstitute, if you'd like to become more musical, then find out how you can do that by visiting

here's the full playlist in the order played on the show:

Close To Home: 02.09.20.

Hello Forever - Some Faith

Moaning - Ego

Cold War Kids - Dirt In My Eyes

Miniature Tigers - Vampires In The Daylight

Lovelytheband - Loneliness For Love

Hazel English - Off My Mind

Dear Boy - The Nominee

The Naked & Famous - Bury Us

The Mowgli's - Wasting Time

Freedom Fry - West Coast

Weathers - Feel Good

Finneas - Die Alone (live from iHeart Radio)

Sea Wolf - Forever Nevermore

Fakelife - Your Love Is A Flood

xo, tobi :)

@tobitalks / #tobitalks

*this week's bonus video is for the awesome indie pop gem called Vampires In The Daylight which is the title track from the new album from Miniature Tigers! they're currently on tour and will be in LA this saturday playing the bootleg theater :)

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