Close To Home Playlist: 03.08.20.

salutations, greetings and hello!

and all of my gratitude for helping to celebrate the #LA and #OC music scenes each week by tuning in to #CloseToHome powered by Musicians Institute. they're such a great resource for helping you add more music into you life. find out more by visiting:

here's the full playlist in the order played on the show:

Close To Home: 03.08.20.

Clairo - Sofia

Slow Hollows - Heart

Frenship - Remind Me

Day Wave - Starting Again

Saint Motel - Van Horn

Sea Wolf - Frank O'Hara

JR JR - Good Old Days

Andy Clockwise - Issues

Haim - The Steps

Opus Orange - Miles From Nowhere

Winnetka Bowling League - CVS

Dear Boy - The Nominee

Lovelytheband - Loneliness For Love

xo, tobi :)

@tobitalks / #tobitalks

*this week's bonus video is from my longtime forever favorites JR JR. the song will be featured on their new EP called August and Everything Prior that will be released on may 1. yay!

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