Booker Chats with Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park

Booker and Stryker chat with Dave Gahan and Martin Gore from Depeche Mode

Booker and Stryker are joined by Dave Gahan and Martin Gore of Depeche Mode. They start off by expressing the feelings on their new song "Ghost Again" and new world tour. Additionally, what the city of Los Angeles means to them. They take some time to talk about the late great Andrew Fletcher and keeping with the album schedule as planned and moving forward, And how that all translated into "MementoMori" -Remember You Must die. They chat about the new HBO show "Last of Us" and the resurgence of their song "Never Let Me Down Again". To end their chat Booker and Stryker present another round of 'One MUST Go!' "Personal Jesus" or "Enjoy the Silence". Listen in to hear what they choose!

Booker and Stryker chat with Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park

Booker and Stryker sit down with old friend Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. They dive right into the creative countdown on Linkin Park's website; Leading into their new unreleased track 'Lost'. They ask Mike where where did they find the track and what other unreleased content did they find. He continues on to explain why it was left out of the original track list. Booker and Stryker ask if there are any plans for Linkin Park to get back together into a studio. Mike gives details on new solo and produced music that will be featured on the new film 'Scream VI'. He details the amazing 20th anniversary Meteroa Box Set and what it includes. And they end the interview with movie banter including a movie Stryker was in.

Booker and Stryker Chat with Rosa Linn

Rosa Linn Sits with Booker and Stryker. She talks about her Song writing and vulnerability with working with other Artists. Living and Moving to Los Angeles. Bands she grew up admiring and listening to. Hunting for Muse's Matt Bellamy during ALTer Ego. And gong for her Driver's License.

Booker and Stryker sit down with Maneskin ahead of the Grammys

Maneskin sits down with Booker and Stryker. They talk start off by talking about their first Los Angeles show at The Roxy and having dinner at the Rainbow Room before. Each member lists the bands they grew up loving and listening to. Working and jamming with Tom Morello on their new song 'Gossip'. Which is their favorite Maneskin song. And where they were when they found out about the Grammy Nominations.

Booker and Stryker sit down and talk with Rhian and Hester from Wet Leg ahead of the Grammys

Booker and Stryker sit down with Wet Leg ahead of the Grammy awards. They talk about where their where their relationship began; leading into the band's starting point. Also which bands did they listen to growing up and mutually loved. Where they when they found out about the Grammy nominations. And to end their chat they each name a movie they've seen 5 times.

Booker and Stryker Chat with Chris and Jonny from Coldplay

Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland check in with Booker and Stryker via Zoom to talk about their local yet huge show at the Rosebowl in Pasadena scheduled for September 30th. They talk about how the is their all time favorite to perform at and what makes it so special. Booker asks the guys if the band has ever broken up before and Chris give an interesting answer. Stryker congratulates the two on the new Grammys and asks if we should expect any new music. And of course the guys end with another riviting round of One Must Go: "Fix You" or "Viva La Vida". Check the full interview!

Booker and Stryker Chat with Alex and Jack from All Time Low

Alex and Jack from All Time Low visit Booker and Stryker at the iHeart Studio to chat about their 20 years performing together. Sharing stories of playing covers at their first show at a sweet 16 Birthday Party, Who's house they rehearsed at during high school and Alex's Dad joining them on the road. The share what it was like working with a younger Producer Zakk Cervini on their album and expressing the joy and difficulties of finally reaching radio success with "Monsters" during the pandemic shutdown.

Booker & Stryker Chat With Beach Weather

Booker & Stryker Chat With Beach Weather about their song "Sex Drugs Etc", whether they used bots for streaming numbers and joining the Alter Ego 2023 line up.

Booker & Stryker Chat With Thomas and Christian From Phoenix

Booker and Stryker hang out with Thomas and Christian from Phoenix and discuss recording their album in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Experiencing some paranormal activity. The Phoenix members talk about the production side of the new album and collaborating with Vampire Weekend. They play another round of 'One Must Go': 1901 or Lizstomania. And Thomas and Christian list off their all time favorite TV shows!