Booker & Stryker Chat With Beach Weather

Booker & Stryker Chat With Thomas and Christian From Phoenix

Booker and Stryker hang out with Thomas and Christian from Phoenix and discuss recording their album in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Experiencing some paranormal activity. The Phoenix members talk about the production side of the new album and collaborating with Vampire Weekend. They play another round of 'One Must Go': 1901 or Lizstomania. And Thomas and Christian list off their all time favorite TV shows!

Booker Chops It Up With Matt and Dom From Muse

Matt and Dom from Muse join Booker discussing if the band will maybe never tour again. Exactly what artist they listened to the most while recording their new album. Also, Breaking down how Matt became a meme because of his "Dad Dance". They guys play a round of ONE MUST GO; "Uprising" or "Starlight". And Matt and Dom have some fun listing their favorite shows of all time.

Booker & Stryker Chat It Up With Tyler Joseph From Twenty One Pilots

Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots joins Booker & Stryker to talk about his injury on stage and how he is feeling. He explains how he doesn't remember his first LA Show because he has to many lyrics to memorize. Tyler also gives the details on Netflix reaching out to Twenty One Pilots for a Stranger Thing/Heathens Remix filmed in Romania and if he watches 'The Stranger Things' Show. Stryker gives Tyler a "ONE MUST GO" choice; Tyler chooses between 'Heathens' and 'Stressed Out'. Lastly, Booker asks Tyler about his Lead Singer Flex Gesture and where the inspiration came from.

Booker & Stryker Chat It Up With Mike Einzinger From Incubus

Mike Einzinger talks to Booker and Stryker about Incubus's High School Days. Which member of the band drove them around; what was their first Hollywood club event on Sunset Blvd and where they would go eat after band practice. Mike also answers the first big name band they had the opportunity to open for; As well as their relationships with fellow local bands System of a Down and Linkin Park through out their respective careers. Stryker surprises Mike with a Pop quiz: What album did this song belong to?

Booker & Stryker Chat It Up With Brandon Flowers From The Killers

Brandon Flowers talks to Booker and Stryker about The Killers NEW Single "Boy". Brandon also speaks on how he feels about a hometown Las Vegas Residency; at Caesars Palace and which song MUST GO: "Mr. Brightside" or "Sombody Told Me". And did Brandon serve pizza to Morrissey??

Booker & Stryker Chat It Up With Wesley Schultz From The Lumineers

Wesley talks to Booker and Stryker about prepping before his big shows. Wesley also shares what he ate for dinner and what it's like playing in Los Angeles.

Booker & Stryker Podcast 07/21/22

Booker and Stryker talk news - Muse comes out with new music called 'Kill or be Killed', Mega Millions is $660M and numbers are pulled tonight, Jack White dropped his new album today called 'Entering Heaven Alive.' Booker tells us how he almost got ripped off at the liquor store.

Booker & Stryker Podcast 07/21/22

Booker and Stryker talk news - Biden test positive for COVID but his symptoms are mild, LA county mask mandate will most likely go into effect a week from today, Nine Inch Nails will be having a concert on Sep. 13th at the Santa Barbra Bowl. Booker talks about how he HATES when people park in front of his mailbox, does this upset you? The guys tell you how much your favorite actors on your favorite T.V shows are making.

Booker & Stryker Podcast 07/20/22

Booker and Stryker talk news - A 10-year-old little boy had a message for Clayton Kershaw about his grandfather who passed from brain cancer and wanted to meet Vin Skully and Kershaw, nobody won Mega Millions and the jackpot is now at $630M and the drawing is this Friday, Jack White album release party goes down tomorrow night at 8p hosted by your boys Booker and Stryker. The guys talk about Chester Bennington 1 year anniversary of his passing