A Giant Swarm of a BILLION Butterflies Have Been Flying Thru SoCal

A co-worker pulled me aside earlier today and told me to look out the window -

At first I didn't notice anything - and then she pointed "there" and "there" and "there"

What we saw was a TON of butterflies working their way up the 134 - it was crazy - I haven't seen anything like it

The Pasadena Star News wrote about it -

About 1 billion butterflies, known as Painted Ladies, are flying at speeds of 20 miles per hour in a northerly direction from the deserts of Mexico to reach breeding grounds in Oregon, said Tom Merriman, a director of Butterfly Farms, a nonprofit in north San Diego County dedicated to restoring the health of butterflies as pollinators.

“This kind of large migration is unusual,”

. “They’ve laid tons of eggs in the desert, and so there may be over a billion butterflies.”



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